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The Ways You Are Stupid with comedian Daniel 'Papi' Gonzalez: Old White Men SAY

Kicking off their newest season, the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker bring on a new guest counsel to tackle the client, The Ways You Are Stupid. Comedian Daniel 'Papi' Gonzalez engages the trio with discussions about Kissimmee, daddy, we're not funny, a day job, car jack, digging for that penis, shoulders of giants, the stench, do normal things, regular fat, MAGA hat, stalkerish, jizz money, Blind Melon, lacrosse, a hurricane story, gay English, Bad Bunny, occasionally racist, mofongo, you die you die, city ordinance, Home Depot, Memento, the Gitmo app, Papi's Papi's puppy, Danny Glover, a basic form of A.I., Magic Mountain, Che Guevara and my mom made paella.

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