Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker


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Great pod!
Love this show!


Funny ass guys
I couldn’t stop laughing. They had a guest named Billy Skeels on there and he was not only attractive but he was fun to listen to and funny. What a great guest. You guys should definitely have him back!!

Schtick That Sticks
Defending the indefensible! Quick wit. Rude comments. Cheap whiskey. What else could a Guy want?

My Best fave.
I love this podcast. These guys have great chemistry and the interviews are interesting and engaging. Please come to New Jersey!

I love the Guys!
The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker has quickly become my go-to podcast. The guests are great, but the brotherly kidding, twitting and jollying between the guests is the real magic of the show. I always look forward to next week’s episode. Thanks, guys!

Crazy and Funny interview…
a Great feelingMatt, I’m respecting you more and more. Very authentic podcast. As a Stand-up, I’m in constant pursuit of your honesty. Keep inspiring

Thanking You ALL
Started listening to it a little over a year ago, and I enjoy every episode I listen to. I get a feeling when I listen to this, and I was grateful that you all continue to do this show during the pandemic the world has brought the past year. I hope you all are well. Thank you!

Lots of laughs!
Love listening to this podcast and hearing the funny give-and-take between the hosts. Nice to hear them all speak outside of being actors and feel you’re REALLY there as part of the Laughing Session!

Thanks for the free & funny Experience.
This show always keeps me engaged, even when I do not know who the guest is. Found you guys when you had Kenric Regan on, then went back to hear every episode in a weekend!

WoW! Now you just need to make it 3! I had to come give ya 5 stars for the double up.

Can’t go without it.
To be honest, if I woke up one day and this podcast is gone, I think I might die. They made this of such awesome Themes!!

He is a Comedy GENIUS!!
We're never gonna give up The QSB. He is one of my favorite hosts and I wish to have his iconic Hat when I meet him!! WOW! Thank you for uploading these gold nuggets of comedy.

Best Fun ever!!!
This podcast touches deep in my soul and I listen to it every night before I go to my bed. My kids are trying it like Anthony Williams III discusses the variant topics as a class lesson. We are so proud of him.

This is truly a masterpiece!
A message in an amazing soundtrack. This track is a bridge between two continents, over the Atlantic, Africa to America.... I'm from Somalia.

I'm hooked!
This show gives me those rare feelings about comedian caricature that led me deep into diving the phenomenal guests. And help make me feel better about the para-realistic life of them. Thanks a lot.

The Best Funny Pod!!
It's okay! Every single episode has been great! I feel like we are in a group. Looking forward to the next episode always! God Bless you guys!

Keep going...bosss!
I’m really excited to see where this podcast goes. I love being able to hear the conversation and just natural humor from some of the extraordinary comedic minds. I also have some massage on the Gang Show, s..x with Howie Mandel, and cutlery humor among other interesting topics.

Love everything you do.
I love everything you guys are doing. You have to relax with the bickering with the guest. It’s truly not helping the show. The amount of time with him will be the amount of time you spend with a partner. You just can’t treat people like that. Truly do love the show... Margaret

That was so good!
It's an amazing podcast and possibly the first podcast from I'm going to learn something about our law and its application. The podcast is now, I think the most follow-to-podcast for our mainstream media. LOOOLLL!

A new Go-To podcast
Matt is an excellent host. The conversation flows, innumerable stories are told, and there’s a lot of funny. Nice and Funny job!!!

Thank You The Holy dude!
This is great. Love these crazy sounds that seemly made me sleep a bit with lawful peace, but I would not regret that I had listened to the first episode of the show at first. Nicely done my friends!!

Very cool!
Couldn't have imagined that a physic cover of 'Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker' podcast sounded so good! Amazing men, one of my favorite of the Maddest Shows ever. Thanks for posting consistently!

Marvelous Pod I found!
Hands down the best podcast on comedy yet! Matt is a phenomenal Host, I laughed and cried and was just blown away! Such a great podcast! l loved much.

Does it make sense?
I knew that entertainment is immoral for me, but now I know that only bad entertainment is immoral, not all others. When I heard the podcast first, you guys were all miscalculated. But when I listened to the first five episodes, I discovered myself in the fool's state.

Fantastic Comedy Podcast!
Thank you for having me on your show! This was an amazing time for me. Thank you Matt!!

Simple and delightful Podcast!
First-time listener and I can’t get enough. Matt is truly hilarious and I would never miss an episode next. Keep up the great work bros!.

Fabulous one!!
It’s not just a good podcast. It’s great! I learned about some of these dudes back in school years ago but just briefly. Now I’m getting the real-for-real. Waiting for more new episodes. Thank you😁

Give a listen to this pod!
I love rock and comedy-related podcasts and have been listening for almost 3 years, can’t believe it took me this long to find this one. Not much humor talk but man are the stories epic. Anyone that had any serious time using it can definitely relate. Not for the blackout of heart or anyone not too crystallized in their seriousness, but if you can stomach the stories you will be greatly entertained.

Welcome Anthony Williams III
I felt truly vested to listen to this conversation between two great comedy icons. This was the first episode I’ve ever listened to but it won’t be the last, for sure. Great work, Matt! 💎