The Tyranny Of Beauty with Brendan, Greg and Matt - S3: Client 21

The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker tackle the greatest of clients in this session with The Tyranny Of Beauty. Since their guest counsel did not arrive, they handled the bogus deposition themselves and talked about flooding, lovely wives, ass avoidant, earholes, Karl Marx, dick power, everyone wants love, those handsome men, chuffing and chafing, symmetry is overrated, Pythagoras, sock exploits, Julia Roberts, a symmetrical horse, Salma Hayek, down to clown, Bea Arthur, Rumplestiltskin, Porky Pig says you're this tall, meth head skinny person, pity dating, life in the fat lane, a well turned ankle, Brazilian butt implants, meeting of the pelvises, fondle her brain, Greg's tormented love, Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder on ludes, vanilla nipples, platypus egg, he's so wacky, culinary kook, the Elephant Man, controversial, irreverent, intoxicating, neurofibromitosis, Captain Ugly, dating paramecium, my name is Mr. Hand, goats are fun, Canadian Super Bowl, and Svengali.

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