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Sitcoms ON TRIAL w/Breaking Bad's Larry Hankin - Fake Lawyers Examine

Rarely do fake guest attorneys return to the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker (for reasons that should be obvious) so it is a great coup to welcome the return of veteran character actor, Larry Hankin. You might recognize him from recurring roles in Breaking Bad, Seinfeld and Friends, which gives him valuable insight in addressing our client, Sitcoms ON TRIAL. While promoting his book The Loopholes Dossier, his doggedness brought the following concepts to light: Sometimes Jones, dickish, the Pontiac of cohosts, boogie Ramadan, that was hard, Gandalf Street Magic, ready for Google, Larry Hankin's penis, wife swapping, an insertion slot, China Woman, Lee Strasberg, Vince Gilligan, monkey business, bartendress, Bavarian Pine Vole, pancake soup, Curb Your Enthusiasm, the Penguin, Bojack Horseman, Poor Richard's Almanac and no splash.

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