Season 2: Motivational Office Retreat - The Pizza Show w/the Happy Hour News Team

The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker are on a motivational office retreat to give their clients a break from their horrible legal practices and to hone their nonexistent skills. So, enter the Pizza Show! Also, all the way from North Dakota, the Happy Hour News Team will join us on our retreat and enjoy a lot of retreat activities like swallowing dreams, janking the system, managing knife men, the holy dude, entertainment is immoral, Leland Sklar, the 6.99 Club, splicing genes, scuttlebutt, blackness of souls, zoom tests, Sanchez and Shanty Pants, keto poops, hefty bag fashion, Fatty Fatty Two By Four, bean flicking county, Kristi Noem, cornfields and nothing, therapy gator, pizza rum, getting Alexa drunk, mayor of Burgerville, catburger flipper, Atari 2600, the revenooers, the Mercator projection, eating varmints, swan with a lisp, Tuff-Shed, The Godfather, Netflix, stupider friends, frozen in amber, Blazing Saddles, Groundhog Dayja Vu, the Parler of podcasts, joke reparations, uncircumcised golf club, the Childhood Drama Network, Florida Man, diaper launching, Hooter Jones, punching old ladies, pushing iron, cursive is dead, blood on the saw, shot class, Tommy Chong, Shelby the vampire, snagging audio, and these guys.

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