Season 2: Client 9 - What Is The Name Of This Client? w/renowned psychic Artie Hoffman

Practicing the art of idiocy, the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker forget to even name their client even though the client's name is What Is The Name Of This Client? To help them sort this out, this episode's guest counsel is master psychic and medium Artie Hoffman, author of Angels And Answers, who not only psychically reads each of the fake lawyers but talks to them about a variety of non-relevant things like writing erotica, the stickiness, tarty party, the hokey pokey, Peeping Tom's Window Cleaning, my eye's mind, moo!, angels tossing softballs, purple balls of light, killing and smiting, a bus terminal for spirits, rummy, late night binge drinking, pancakes and french toast, and fifty percent of a cyst. This is an episode for the skeptic and the believer your mother knows.
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