Season 2: Client 7 - Monty Python's Snake w/the extraordinary Scott Page

The foolish faux lawyers welcome the incomparable multi-instrumentalist and entrepreneur Scott Page to the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker to spend far too little time with their client, Monty Python's Snake. Much conversation ensued with subjects like Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Corey Feldman, wah wah pedals, flying pigs, amplified chicken nuggets, the mullet to end all mullets, Eckhart Tolle, flip it-twist it-freak it, the Age Of Soullessness, master donut cooker, Eric Idle, fish slapping, back in your cage monkey, Anglophobia, Diana Ross, VR planetarium, Wonkavision, rubber hands, lizard people's news, the Illuminati, Q is Blue, Hitler's love child and Dr. Strangelove. For other episodes, go to or tweet them @qsblaw or watch them on YouTube -