Season 2: Client 6 - Mummies On Parade w/podcaster/actor Michael Spedden from Fowl Players Radio

Grand twists of fate do not happen with our sixth client of 2021, Mummies On Parade, while our guest counsel, podcaster/actor Michael Spedden from Fowl Players Radio, wonders what the hell he has gotten himself into while chatting about Captain Chesapeake, ghost hosts, my child Atlantic, Bethlehem Steel, sea monster friend, Svengoolie, the best cleavage ever, murder mystery train theater, Sherlock Holmes, eyebrow insurance, Santo the wrestler, accidental mummies, KKK/Mummy crossovers, Boris Karloff, Mummy: Impossible, dying in Gotham, naked baseball, curses and blessings, Stevie Nicks, Nookie from Jersey Shore, Florida Man, Mike Myers, Hat in a Cat and a mummified lion.

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