Season 2: Client 5 - Furry Faces And Flipping Fingers w/mythological bass player Leland Sklar

The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker nearly get serious this episode when the incomparable, legendiferous bass instrumentalist Leland Sklar acts as guest counsel for the client Furry Faces And Flipping Fingers. Some aspects of his over 50-year long career in music are glossed over and instead we discuss a roomful of crap, rubber diapers, James Taylor, screaming at grass, alphabetical maladies, hermetically sealed anus, the goat market, turtle bullying, Jackson Browne, musical sharecropper, shapeshifting lizard people, Reba McIntire, freshly squeezed goat oil, Joe Cocker, Reeses' Cups and urinal cakes, the Immediate Family, crazy pagan feminists, the Eagles and slut vomit. To avoid other episodes, don't go to or tweet them @qsblaw or watch them on YouTube -