Season 2: Client 34 - White Rappers & Black Rockers w/80s rock star Jon Butcher

A blast from Matt's past arrives in the form of 80s rock star Jon Butcher who acts as guest counsel for the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker's newest client, White Rappers & Black Rockers. Today while helping with the client, Jon also talked about watercolors, DaVinci Resolve, the thing that destroyed Billy Squier's career, a pink tank top, Def Leppard, the Boston Garden, 72 dates, Brown's Trailer Park School, cowboy reenactments, follow the axis, singing about kangaroos, I love molars, let's play Stick, archipelago face, who is Jason Bateman, Scotilicious, the Manx, gloat rap, Lil Stank, Housekeeper Willie, punching up, fully fungible and everybody needs a colon.

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