Season 2 Client 3 - Golden Girls And Golden Boys w/film actress Liz Priestley

On the day Trump removed himself from the Presidency, we coincidentally have a great guest counsel, Liz Priestley, a sister of lawyers and a star of the upcoming Netflix movie with Idris Elba, Concrete Cowboy, who plays the mother of Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things. She helps provide wrong legal advice to our newest client - Golden Girls And Golden Boys. She fit right in while also not giving the client enough attention by discussing the meth in method acting, lassoing sewer rats, flushing baby horses, Quentin Tarantino's head, African-Italian culture, bat soup, blood on the walls, Sex In Seattle, syphilis armor, giant billowing scarves, Celibates On The Farm, horse camp and Method Man is no Idris Elba. To find earlier episodes, visit, Tweet us @qsblaw or email