Season 2: Client 25 - One's Name Is One's Destiny w/author Wendy M. Kok

On a slightly grey Wednesday afternoon, the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker welcome a guest counsel from the heartland, Wendy M. Kok, author of the book, A Grey Resort, who is here to help us with our newest client, One's Name Is One's Destiny. While this client did get its money's worth, there was some divergence when they discussed changeover day; a dock, jello salad and aspic; Desert Storm; a golf club named Excalibur; Stephen 'The Pantser' King; Ed Gein; the Matt joke drinking game; Jewish rap songs; zeta male; friendy Wendy; Freakonomics; the Kim ruined it; Ta Ta, Tay Tay and Ya Ya; and his middle name is Turgid.

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