Season 2: Client 21 - Hateful Pulp Dogs w/Nick & Kaz of Movie Theater Time Machine

The husband and wife team of Kaz and Nick from Movie Theater Time Machine land their hovercraft outside the doors of the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker to help the trio tackle the serious issues of their newest client, Hateful Pulp Dogs. For once, they spend a normal amount of time with their client while still diverging with: pod dogs, Holmes and Yo Yo, TV Time Machine, middle aged prostitutes, cartoon elephants, black belts and elastic belts, a late 60s jerk off, Quentin Tarantino, ten minutes of feet, Captain Quibble, Christoph Waltz, the Green Bay Sweat Socks, Sad Max, squishing the eyeball, Stanley Kubrick, it's Pat as the Gimp, Blues Brothers, Benedict Cumberbatch and penguins, British squirrels, highly rated to overrated, Super Mario Brothers and petrified lemurs.

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