Season 2: Client 19 - I Don't Understand Advertising w/internet radio mogul Dean 'The Pipeman' Piper

I Don't Understand Advertising enters the doors of the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker as their newest client in order to gain some clarity. Yet gains none. To help, their guest counsel is Dean 'The Pipeman' Piper, internet radio mogul and CEO of Talk4Media, who brings his experience to horrible use as they instead discuss Catholic social teaching, corn stock theater, tugging a pug, pig radio, Venus Flytrap and Johnny Fever, it's always a douchebag, deep sea lizard diver, morning wood in your cup, heroin with a chupacabra, guinea pig warehouse, I Donut, jizz skimming and King Of All Festivals.

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