Season 2: Client 18 - Dead Rockers: Where Are They Now? w/Captain Of Industry Kim Richards

A true captain of the music industry, Kim Richards, Chairman Of The Board and CEO of Allied Artists International, arrives as an untrue lawyer to help the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker almost completely ignore their new client, Dead Rockers: Where Are They Now? Instead, Kim Richards' life gets more focus as they all discuss Constantine the Great, getting mugged in Glendale, Hot August Night, long dead partners, Snoopy's doghouse, Steely Dan, Andy Gibb, Stiggy, use all language, fooling Roger Waters, train conductors hats, potentiometers, a slice of dingo, the B-52s got away, steering a rudderless ship, flying tigers, shark jaws, cultural appropriation, Danny Elfman, the 4th Bee Gee and ex-wives.

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