Season 2: Client 15 - JFQ, Flat Earth & You w/the usual suspects

Sadly, our scheduled guest counsel did not appear so the judge ruled we must represent our client strictly by ourselves. The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker present to you our fifteenth client of the season - JFQ, Flat Earth & You and give their client most of their attention, for once. Seek out these various exhibits: Covid towers & covid ants, I Q - you no Q, Pokemon Go, Q's Clues, missing toothers, Alex Jones, Schrodinger, flat Quearth, Buzz Aldrin, protractor people, Qbert & Qernie, hating with love, chiropractery, Putin's butt monkey, Dr. Seuss, manly fluids, googly eyebrows, Emoticon Prime, Kim Kardashian, and taste the urine.

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