Season 2: Client 13 - Can't Compete If You're Obsolete w/podcaster/entrepreneur Phil Better

Reaching out to our northern neighbors, the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker find help from guest counsel Phil Better, the mad genius behind the podcast Invest In Yourself, based in Quebec. They tackle the client, Can't Compete If You're Obsolete, but more in the football sense than in the helping sense. They instead exit rationality and speak about radishes, Neil Young, Canadian boomer, a super cup, Gubba Rum returns, vikings, $50 is less than zero, Mr. Math, Newfies, kissing fish, mummified toe, Jesus Flintstone, Quibblecois, the whores of France, bathing machines, Old Timer magazine, sex robots, everyone is God, the Woke Floridian, Gregitarianism, soylent green, vinyl records suck and maple syrup.

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