Season 2: Client 12 - Mars, Bars & Stars w/the amazing Jane's Addiction drummer, Stephen Perkins

The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker orchestrate a coup by obtaining a highly sought after guest counsel, Stephen Perkins, drummer for the highly influential alternative rock band Jane's Addiction. He was also a founding member of Porno For Pyros, Hellride and Banyan. He helps the not-connected-to-law lawyers essentially ignore their client, Mars, Bars & Stars by talking about patchouli, Let's Bang, Bongos & Shakers the stripper, Shlomo & Moshe, covered in flesh, the Weird Lovemakers, call me Watt, the Grateful Stooges, gluten-free music, hell tunnel, the Velvet Underground, putting hair metal to sleep, Twenty One Pilots, bathroom bongos, Perry Farrell talks to aliens, a death on Mars, Colombo's frozen brain, Atom & Eve, way crazy paths, Lollapalooza, respect the robot and Super Lime Man.

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