Season 2: Client 11 - We're All Narcissists w/podcaster and comedian Matt Gwinn

The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker bring in another client to provide horrible legal advice when We're All Narcissists decides to hire them and their guest counsel, Matt Gwinn. Matt Gwinn hosts the podcast The Adventures Of The Albino Rhino and had made the mistake of bringing on the QSB team to his show a month ago (available here - Gwinn helps us with our client while also diverging greatly to speak about Flat Earth Dave, coughing in brotherhood, Maria's mugs, minty toothpicks, nipple ointment, masturbating cats, Gubba Rum, holocaust whiskey, drink supremacist, Hunter S. Thompson of Ohio, pink and fresh, tingaling and international tiger penis.
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