Season 2 Client 1 - Homo Sapiens: Love It Or Leave It w/Legendary Character Actor Larry Hankin

The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker start off the new year with the legendary character actor and guest counsel Larry Hankin who later helps us handle the client Homo Sapiens: Love It Or Leave It. It's a wild ride exploring Larry's life as secrets get uncovered, such as: fire eagle scout, infant fan followings, hibachi in a van, shrimp in a napkin, Woody Allen's barf, Petfix, John Huston's Italian shoes, Dylan's outside, dogcatcher onesies, apples in space, Mike Tyson chicken and a Frenchman, a toaster and a candle. For older episodes, please head on over to, find the twits on Twitter @qsblaw or email