S3: Client 17 - A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed & A Friend In Weed w/Greg and Matt

The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker are once again taken over by the senior partners of Matt and Greg who are forced to deal with their newest client, A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed And A Friend In Weed. Some relatively careful attention was paid even though they talked about lose my shoulders, tiny little body, greed heads, Newsies caps, National Haberdasher's Union, simpatico, get our head scratched, other kinds of ships, levels of affection, show all the warts, Jackass, a little bit of rouge, the Unknown Publicist, erotic shot, beat up and filthy, blue cheese wine, KRS One, Grandmaster Flash, waffle fries, Jet Li, a hoppy, Vespa Bebitapop, Augustus, I can taste the death, the Pop family, Frank Caliendo, nobody rides for free, Topo Gigio, Senor Wences, lifeless puppet, clarity for myself, the no friend zone and Maori tribesmen.

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