S3: Client 16 - Evacuate Your Mind w/fried food aficionado Billy Skeels

The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker welcome a rare individual to their conference room, a man with no real agenda - who goes by the name of Billy Skeels. Billy Skeels does act as a guest fake attorney to help with today's client - Evacuate Your Mind. As they work the deposition, they find sodomites, identifying as a squid, hail hydra, Mighty Mouse, deformed eggs, conceived in a skillet, pre-fried food, that's not a fryer, mystic runes, a foot playin' sport, your son is a box, Ohio Man, anti-squid rhetoric, all white people are blah blah, forsooth, get the gimp, a secret meeting, rip a couple of 30s, Katy Perry, You Got Beyonce'd, baby diarrhea, tackle Daffy Duck, Spider Man heads, parent with a purpose, the ballpoint and proud Dad-o-vision.

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