Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker

S3: Client 12 - Tradition Is Poison w/those bastards Brendan, Greg and Matt

Our first guest-free show of the season has our nubile faux lawyers tackling a client that has disturbed many a family gathering: Tradition Is Poison. The client is nimble and care-free which causes the conversation to swerve into statutory ape, Cancel Me Cancel You, little squirrels, gripping, sub units of people, a meaningless void, slaves were toasters, the cotton gin, a minister in Arkansas, Jesus wasn't a baby, turducken, Germanic barbarians, ya'll log, clean out the flue, disembowel their enemies, the wood spirits, meat product on a tree, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, like any good stalker would, four pigs, labradoodles, brisket, John Travolta, the B-52s, bleek bleek, robot rabbis, Sheol, you can't eat ostriches, All Rock Badgers Go To Heaven, the magical trenchcoat, steak tartare, gnaw on its leg, a shucker sucker, powdered whiskey, alcohol wine and 18% beer.

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