Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker

S3: Client 11 - Thought Crimes & Misdemeanors w/self-help podcaster Wize Otero

All the way from the Poconos, self-help podcaster Wize Otero arrives and works as a fake attorney to help with the client, Thought Crimes and Misdemeanors. While cross-examining the client, things veered to Stuck In My Mind, You're Going To Get Some Ultra, Libido Max, nipple clamps, a slobby dork, Real Wize Productions, an unconscious rapper, targeting lacrosse, curling expert, Brendan's herbal supplement, pai gow tiles Nurse Wize, self-hatred, you love yourself, Harlem Heat, then they'll ghost you, the Scene Snobs, Thievery Corporation, Resident Evil: Echo the Dolphin edition, the graveyard shift, real degenerates, Vomit Girl, people jump around, cancel culture, Marquis de Sade, bastion of free speech, Louis C.K., sort of consented to it, Twitter is people, sissyfied, Fighting Flossers, leveling the playing field, bully the bulliers, kids were gay, you are a lesbian coffeehouse, Stockholm Syndrome and El Jefe.

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