S2: Client 37 - Road Rage & Bike Path Bitterness w/firefighters Jeremy and Chris from The Washdown

An unusual pair of guest fake attorneys arrive at the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker to help represent the client, Road Rage & Bike Path Bitterness. Jeremy and Chris, two firefighters from The Washdown podcast are very familiar with the trials and tribulations of our client. They also know about the Quibbly Awards, fungible, boxed wine, the Bloodhound Gang, divorce as a rite of passage, piercing and poignant, West Bottoms, expert Band Aid application, Madagascar, the pumper, iguana, muffaletta sandwich, Saint Michael, trash can whiskey, King Kong Bundy, flatbed Ford, buy a horse, texting and driving, a little figurine and first responders are people too.

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