S2: Client 29 - Leading Men Are Not Real Men w/stunt director John Stewart & singer Madeleine Kaye

Truly unique guest fake attorneys arrived today in the form of director, stunt coordinator and musician John Stewart and singer Madeleine Kaye of the band Juliana. They join in exultantly with their newest client, Leading Men Are Not Real Men, even though the client ultimately gets the brush-off as they discuss Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Matt Dillon, Slightly Annoyed Max, tricycle movie, sea lions in capes, broken backs and necks, biggest airbag in the business, Class 5 rapids, steering giant logs, let's wreck something, stealing cars at 10 years old, Hal Needham, she's got jokes folks, more rock than Rockette, yo quiero Taco Bell, dog has herpes, secret language, sex club show ponies, eaten by sharks, John is gone, David Carradine, Kill John, sexual asphyxiation, Action U.S.A., Kentucky Derby hat, and Fall Guy.

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