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Roe Vs. Wait A Minute, Amber Heard That! - Old White Men SAY

Delving into the controversies of the day, the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker have a conflated client in the form of Roe Vs. Wait A Minute Amber Heard That! While developing the fake case they discuss SCOTUS Seltzer, Don King, Politico, Julian Assange, Jersey Shore, so many woman, a lapsed Catholic, Fat Cat In The Hat, sea monkeys, menthol bourbon, goat rodeo, pygmy marmoset, tumescent orange, Pendleton Roundup, Yellowstone, Timothy McVeigh, The Gong Show, vaginal whatever, the weasel inside your throat, horseradish parts, Bazooka Joe, Only Fans comic books, Baltimore Hillbillies, Bill Chain Link Fence, ferret legging and enjoy the soup.

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