Our Twenty-Sixth Client - Happy Chrismakwanzakhaaannn!!

As the virulent year 2020 draws to a close, the anti-lawyers obfuscate their way into a quasi-holiday program with their newest client, Happy Chrismakwanzakhaaannn!! Leaving many opportunities untouched, listen as they bypass normal conversation and talk about Festivus, decorating Jeb Bush, loaves and witches, roasting Ewoks, Chanukah in a vial, Klingons and sex clubs, dancing for squids, the kings of stupid, proud duck rapists and Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. Next week brings our year-end wrap-up show! To hear every episode, go to www.qsblaw.org, Twitter them @qsblaw or email qsblawoffices@gmail.com. We WILL read your email on the air!