Our Twenty-Seventh Client - Ghosts Of Episodes Past

As we stare across the threshold towards the year 2021, we collectively thumb our noses and give the finger to the year 2020 by recapping every frickin' client acquired by the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker as our final 2020 client, although none of them have paid any bill we sent. Even while discussing our new client, it seems impossible to stay on track as the following were conversed about: thanking Timothy Leary, enter the Skunkman, the Don-Rhino Connection, cobra versus schoolbus, tan genitals, serial killer talk, Gladwellian, a cloud of smoke, snot dust, a Minnesota variant, the monkey brain and the return of the pizza fund. In the coming year, more guests will be featured starting with legendary Hollywood character actor, Larry Hankin on our first episode of the new year. You must listen! Track us down at www.qsblaw.org, tweeter @qsblaw or email at qsblawoffices@gmail.com