Our Twenty-Second Client - Heroes Are Super And Delicious

As the turkey arrives on your plate and the cranberry sauce crawls off, the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker bring you a special Thanksgiving Day special episode that has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving. The new client, Heroes Are Super And Delicious, makes many demands of your favorite fake lawyers by suggesting they have super powers of their own. In the midst of it, they also mention crunchy diamonds, rocket poop, Petix Man, Galactus Intolerance, Captain Super Amazing, Captain Barrio Gomez, Captain Australia, Marvel Bitch, dingo balls, manboobs and manbutts. Go ahead and pour some gravy over it. You can reach the Super Law Offices by going to www.qsblaw.org, tweetin' @qsblaw or email qsblawoffices@google.com