Our Twenty-Fourth Client - Killing Me Softly With Han Solo

Perhaps one of the most sought after of clients, Killing Me Softly With Han Solo, has placed a large retainer for the services of the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker in order to gain sympathetic movie rights. This episode has EXTRA SQUABBLE FLAVOR for your dining pleasure. It includes: Darth Joker, Jabba the Hutt as Bernie Sanders, space tattoos, the chick with the tubes, Adam Driver's nose, celebrity gag balls, the carrot people family, SuperJedi, camels in caves, Nurse Jackie, Chewbacca's father and our very first listener email! Thanks, Maria! To find additional episodes, go to www.qsblaw.org, tweetishness @qsblaw or email qsblawoffices@gmail.com