Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker

Odd Jobs, Con Jobs & Corn Cobs - Fake Lawyers Examine

As the weather turns from summer to fall, the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker pay that no heed as they instead address the issues of their newest client, Odd Jobs, Con Jobs & Corn Cobs. While dressing for a lack of success, they give attention to Eager the Beaver, Ikea, Divorced Dude Depot, Paul Bunyan, the cow option, black zinc, Ambien Taco Guy, little people guys, fluffers, my personal Holocaust, She-Ra, womanly shoebox, paper towel sniffer, pick worms out of the sky, death by water slide, cardboard engineer, aquanaut, ricin, Trumpeter, Tucker Carlson and road salad.

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