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Marc Sheffler Wanted Weed, Women and Money - Fake Lawyers Examine

The Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker welcome a new guest fake attorney from the same fake law firm that last week's guest was from, Last House On The Left. This time, Marc Sheffler is helping tackle the client, Life Is Horror & You're Horrible Redux. Unfortunately, the client is just as ignored as last week so instead they talked about Don Rickles, wizened, kombucha, adlibbery, latter day saints, London Lee, a poor green child, Roger Ebert, ball tickling moment, Mean Joe Greene, brooding writer, Snakes, blame the work, Jackie Gleason, clothes come off, mostly microbial, Paula Poundstone, headed to Havana, the Three Stooges, Mr. Big Ship, Fangoria, city for snobs, Once And Future Smash and habeas coitus.

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