LIVESTREAM: S3: Client 19 Here Today, Ghost Tomorrow w/Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research Team

THE UNEDITED LIVESTREAM WARTS AND ALL: An entire team of pretend lawyers arrived at the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker in the form of the Mystic Ghost Paranormal Research Team who arrived to help address the client - Here Today, Ghost Tomorrow. The researchers included founder of the Mystic Ghost team Michelle DePaul with Allison Tidwell and Michelle Roan. Many supernatural connections were made and ghost ticklers, bad mojo, baffling conundrums, ectoplasmic slime, Ghostbusters, a demonologist, drama with ghost groups benevolent, malevolent and ambivalent, choked by a spirit, remember the closet, people are haunted, Myrtles Plantation, we prayed and got drunk, Marie Laveau's House Of Voodoo, Father Ruben, poo poo, the effects of vibrations, she's not a sandwich, David Copperfield, cowtown downtown, Count Floyd, SCTV, wasps are dicks, Beetlejuice, Albert Brooks, What Dreams May Come, had a German soldier, incububi, Transylvania pancakes, ghosts are incompetent, extra verbal penis, an apparition and Pompeii were examined.

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