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Genocide Schmenocide - These Are Not Current Affairs

Want to laugh about genocide? Well, it might not happen here but we give it a shot.

Venturing into international legal issues, the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker obtain a client sought by none yet that has affected so many: Genocide Schmenocide. This client required Greg, Brendan and Matt to learn a little bit of history and then ignore that very same history as they ended up discussing Mr. Clean, mystical vision, Alex Jones, his head is so small, Uzbeks, SCTV, hillbillies of Russia, Israelstan, slavery is still legal, the peoples of the blacks, property of the white folks, in vino veritas, John Candy, Wikipedia Jones, Josef Stalin, fresh beautiful water, Martin Short, meth dinosaurs, individual Polands, Kanye West, the Parsley Massacre, Rohingya, California genocide, Pol Pot, Maus, Narnia, Myanmar genocide, Ukraine, Russia, salamander, baggie thingie, hooties and the tooties, Idi Amin, Onanism and lap dances are different than genocide.

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