Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker


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Excited for all there is to come.
Love this direction of podcasting! I appreciate this actual conversation. Enjoyed The Bruce Starr Episode in “We're Not Funny” all of a sudden. Thanks, guys!!

Thanks for listening!
Not sure I had anything to do with it but emailed you guys a few months ago about doing more than one show a week, and just realized I was listening and didn't give a review. Shame on me!

A listener from Georgia.
Breathtaking podcast! Great guests, I will get Matt back on, one of the funniest podcasts ever.

Matt deserves 6 stars!
That was maybe the best piece of content I have heard in my life. Thank you The QSB show!!!

Keeping My Heart rate up...
Very good listening podcast! I often come to hear this on Anchor. FM. But my only regret is why it does not put an episode on Spotify?

The bomb podcast!!
Appreciate the guests, LOVE the Instagram pics. Kids: don’t GET drugs. Thanks.

Love the Humor Love the Stories...
I'm a huge FAN of Bratschi and his sound effects and his open honesty and his humor and his stories. I can listen to them for hours and never get bored. He is a godsend to podcasting. Therefore, this is the tale of being a big Fan.

The QSB! Surprisingly!... Hilarious?
Normally when I’ve heard stories of addicts in the throes of their addiction it makes me feel uneasy for lack of a better word. These stories on the other hand crack me up. This podcast is literally laugh-out-loud funny, and they are great storytellers. So 5 Stars for all of them.

I appreciate y’all!
I just want to say thank you! I don’t know if I could have gotten through the last couple of weeks without listening to you and all the other great comedians. In some way, I truly relate and feel not so alone listening to this! Keep it coming!

Yess pleeaassee.
... almost as fun as Byeeeeeeeee!! This podcast has been such a light in a really heavy year. Definitely, tour when the madness is over. I’ll add another vote for KAZ and NICK, the guys are the persons of an amazing world with great movies, They’re pretty funny folks too!

Bravo!!!Thanks a Lot
...for offering such a raw and logistical discussion and airing it with consistency. I listened to all the episodes as soon as it was submitted. Exceptional efforts that help deranged people arrange their bungle-some lifestyle and attitude. Keeping it guys.

Our Sixth Clients...
I just listened to #epi 'Television Vs. Movies' now. I didnt know why you guys skip YouTube' movie's ad to watch the ad yet. I can't quit laughing enough! Thank you The Three B##Bs!!

These Guys Are The Best Human Beings In The World
If you haven't listened to the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker then your life will never be complete. Where else can three old white men give vocal opinions that are unworthy of anyone's time? Right here! My life changed completely in seconds. Not really. I'm one of the hosts. Ignore this entire review, please.

Great Conversations with a perfect title
I just want to say I look forward to your show every week, it's always great to hear others take on certain "clients" with the usual derailment that all great podcasts seen to have in common. Keep up the great work!!! ~Shanty~ HHNT