Season 2: Client 8 - America North w/Maxim model & lumber salesperson Sherry Nelson

Once again, the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker invite a guest counsel that is much higher class than the partners to help with their new client, America North. Maxim magazine model, cohost extraordinaire and lumber salesperson Sherry Nelson graces our offices without realizing exactly what she's gotten herself into. While working towards helping the client, the conversation went off the rails immediately and touched on lumber fetishes, veterans and veterinarians, Zoom boom, Michael DesBarres, rum comin', Gubba Gubba Hey, Dick Armey & Cock Navy, $57,500 Bar, trading oxy for cheese, forehead barometer, Tom Brady Bunch, a bald greased wolverine, no buffet no Bud, Trailer Park Boys, tinkling of bells, basketball on ice, Kramer's attorney Jackie Chan, chocolate vampires and Magic Spoon.
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