Season 2: Client 26 - Are Dogs Dog's Best Friend? w/the astounding Howard Bloom

We have found the most qualified non-lawyer ever to help give proper representation to our client, Are Dogs Dog's Best Friend? His name is Howard Bloom and you need to learn about him. Not only did we find out that dogs ARE dog's best friend but we also talked about poor innocent bunnies, comic book science, Irish Bar Mitzvah, God's big chunky balls, National Lampoon, schmuck, clown pants, suck it bitches, Tracee Ellis Ross, squashed toadlike woman, Chaka Khan, unholy hour, polka legends, Isaac Newton, amoebic blob, Prince, TRS 100, coal mining, Escape From The Planet Of The Giraffes, 80 feral cats, Shluppy, flea farts, Jared Harris, the Earth as a petting zoo, doom riders and catastrophe tamers, smartypantsness, and whiz king.

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