S3: Client 4 - Henry Ford Is No Thomas Edison & Elon Musk Is A Punk w/comedian Jason Pollock

The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker find a kindred spirit with brand new guest fake attorney and stand up comic Jason Pollock who helps with the client, Henry Ford Is No Thomas Edison & Elon Musk Is A Punk. On this journey, they discuss Huzzah!, cosplay alchemy, top hat with goggles, excelsior, a lazy writer, Richard Lewis, neurotic Jew, Bill Burr, Bullwinkle the mime, moron from Florida, who thinks about the Irish, Willy Wonka, a Saget joke, nothing funny about murder, we suck in the dark, Jonas Salk, just one more thing called love, Ginger Lynn, raised by wolves, V, Brandon Lee, Giftwrapped and Gutted, obliterated by a comet, Fordlandia, that little old ant, mushpit, Michael Che, let me suck it, what's a quarterback, Roddy Piper, name a year, Quibbly awards, Brendan wins and Soldier Of Fortune magazines.

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