S3: Client 20 - The Times They Are A Strangin' w/superheroes Holly Haggerty and Lavonna Bratschi

After many invitations, the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker achieve the unthinkable: doing the show from Brendan's house in Florida AND getting Matt and Brendan's wives Holly and Lavonna to be the guest fake attorneys. Along the way, they talk about David Blaine, Passive Attack, huffing jenkem, purple, ocarina book, sushi mask, low bar, taken aback, marry Matt, 999, Brendan's jib, limbo, oblivious to the hunt, you're a cheetah, beavers and otters, Etta James cover girl, project my ex, a friend of Tony's, trying to get into a door, walking through the skyways, Oscar the Grouch's bar, too broke or too stupid, the carney community, beaky buzzard, Girl Scouts, rumpusing, Where The Wild Things Are, everything is turning up Petix and daffodils, screens are for sharing, jalapeno plumber's caulk, humming around us, one in a mimillion, critical faculties, too much Star Trek, Aquaman lives in your freezer, hail Atlantis, quibbling anal retentive douche, mating socks, Birkenstock, flying colostomy bag, thumbs up Nazis, taro root, derefet and we don't deserve either of you.

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