Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker

S3: Client 14 - Schmear The Queer w/comedian and author Ike Avelli

Today, the Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble & Bicker have a very qualified guest counsel to investigate the claims of their newest client, Schmear The Queer. The guest counsel is comedian, author and New Jersey gay icon Ike Avelli who is a bit soft spoken so you'll have to be careful with your volume control. He graciously puts up with the partners and together they discuss the House Of Your Mama, circle of jerks, two weasels, 50 Shades Of Gay, eyelashes are stunning, thieves, Jenna Jameson, Pulitzer prize, John Updike, Judy Blew 'em, New York Times Literary Supplement Porn Show, Marilyn Chambers, Victorian child worker, cuddling with baby harp seals, Ricky Martin, Men You Do, braid your ear hair, Bill Cosby and a roofie, picked the wrong floozie, a scatty old time, The Sopranos, Fran Drescher, Darcelle, gay don't grey, Irish Mafia, Beastie Boys, lil this lil that, Lube: A Gaysical, fascist lubrication, rendered zebra fat, wild seagull eggs, the Village People, Nazi salons, bini boys, Mr. Straight Straightenstein, and Nicole Onoscopy.

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