Kreesha Turner - Last Days Of Humanity The Apocalypse

Kreesha Turner - Last Days Of Humanity The Apocalypse
A modern day Renaissance woman enters the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker in the form of the multi-talented Canadian songstress Kreesha Turner.

These are the law offices of quibble squabble and bicker with matt bratschi, brendan haggerty, greg petix. On this episode, we are talking about escape apocalypse and how to survive the last days of humanity.

We will explore the craziest apocalypse scenarios. We will talk about poop, Fidel Castro,Jennifer lopez and space dildo.

who later briefly helps address the client, How Deep Is Your Bunker (or Apocalypse Wow!).

The following exhibits get examined: your poop bars, Canadian Jennifer Lopez, 4 Loko, aboriginal friends, nation of immigrants, monolith of liberty, ketchup chips, great aunt Ninita, bikini pictures, I hate pants, tough love, speaking in tongues, Jimmy Cliff's beer, extra beige, a spicy meatball, American fondue, Fidel Castro, Angola, CAnon, broughtupsy, private island, cornhole apocalypse, Skippy the Cruel, The Purge, Cordyceps, space fungus, The Ramones, nothing matters, Steve Carell, vampires are real, a guy named Guillermo, a space dildo, disasteroid, bar stool guy, Nick Cannon, suitcase pimp and zombie dolphins.

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